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Marika Schanz

Welcome to my page. I m a composer writing music for games.


Nordic Music Pack

Game Music Pack

Take a journey back to the Viking age, and experience the atmosphere, our ancestral gods, Norse mythology, and Scandinavian heritage.

his Pack contains 13 Track fitting for a Nordic/viking inspired game. The style varies from high intense combat music to very calm ambient tracks. This pack is an ultimate collection for everyone looking for high quality, orchestral game music pack. Blending the intensity of Nordic Voices with themes and instruments from the Viking ages.


The Dark Wild West

Game Music Pack

Intense and immersive music for your next Wild West themed project. Atmospheric guitars combined with epic drums up to a full orchestra.

The Dark Wild West Music Pack inlcudes 10 unique tracks and 1 ambient track. The music holds spagetti-western elements mixed with country guitars and 

cinematice strings and drums, to create a moody, dark and mysterious atmosphere perfect for your next game/video/stream

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The Orchestra 2 

Sonuscore Trailer contest

Re-scoring of the Trailer for "The Orchestra Complete 2" I used "The Orchestra" Library Only to show the potential of it. Its a cut down Trailer version and the copyright is with Sonuscore.

The Orchestra
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Sails of War

Sails of War is an action-heavy, fast-paced, combat-game offering a fun and exciting experience of team-based multiplayer combat!  Join forces with fellow Pirates or Navy captains and fight epic battles on the high seas. Captain your ship in 4 against 4 player matches.

You can find out more about the game here:

2021-08-10 09_37_02-Song of the Tides bei Steam.png


In Song of the Tides, venture out into the Shifting Isles, challenge mighty foes and gain the incredible power and knowledge hidden beyond the edge of the world. Master the arts of conventional, aerial and magic based combat to humiliate once mighty foes. Use the full range of weapons and abilities at your disposal and be rewarded with incredible power in return.

You can find out more about the game here:


FarCry6 Soundtrack Cover

Originally composed by Pedro Bromfman. The cover version is a mix from life played instruments and library sounds.

You can find out more about the game here:


Ancient Empires

Game Music Pack

This Music Pack contains ambient/background music for games that take place in long forgotten civilizations. It reaches from the sound of the Far East to Egypt and  Peru. It takes you to the old Colosseum in Rome back to the temples in India.

Visit the Unreal Marketplace or get it from my site as direct download.


Antonio Biermann

“From the Bottom of the Heart, to the highest thought of the Mind. From the melting Soul into the moving Flesh, it´s truly Music that connects, balances and changes everything immediately."



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