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Introducing our Wild West Music Collection - a rootin' tootin' soundtrack that'll transport you to the rugged frontiers of the Old West! From holding off the entire Pinkerton agency with just a pair of Schofields and a lasso to feeling the glorious vibes of somber apocalyptic tunes, this album has it all!


Our customers have been raving about this music, with comments like "This will be in my 'listen to 1000 times' playlist," "Morricone would be proud," and "Loving the music while looking over rolling green hills under the sunshine, feeling like I'm in the western."


Picture yourself riding through the dusty trails, sippin' sarsaparilla, and indulging in spaghetti - that's the kind of immersive experience our Wild West Music Collection offers! It's the perfect soundtrack to elevate your gaming sessions, reading adventures, or simply soaking in the spirit of the frontier.


Here's a breakdown:


  • Royalty-free or Licensed:
    • Royalty-free means you pay a one-time fee and can use the music however you want in your project, forever,
  • Designed for Games/Videos/Streams:
    • These tracks are created to fit the mood and style of video games, videos, documentations or as background music
  • For Multiple Uses:
    • Game Music Packs can be used not just in the game itself, but also in trailers, promotional videos, and even gameplay streams (depending on the license).
    • developers can use these packs for creating the background music in their game development process.


This music pack is a way for creators to get high-quality music for their projects.




Dark Wild West 1 Music Pack License

149,00 €Price
    • Lone Wolf
    • Lone Wolf Drums Off
    • Lone Wolf Drums Only
    • Desert Dust
    • Dester Dust Bell
    • Desert Dust Clocktick
    • Desert Dust Drum
    • Desert Dust Drums Off
    • Wild Horse
    • Troublemaker
    • Troublemaker No Voice
    • Town of a Dollar
    • Run On
    • Run On Drums Off
    • Run On Drums Only
    • Run On No Voice
    • Gold Digger
    • A Song for Jack
    • A Song for Jack No Voice
    • Street and Soul
    • Street and Soul Bell
    • Street and Soul Drums
    • Street and Soul Drums Only
    • Street and Soul No Voice
    • Street and Soul Percussion
    • Moving On
    • Bonus Track Ambient/Atmosphere
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