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Step into an immersive world of exploration and wonder with this breathtaking Asian music pack. 
Each track is expertly crafted to enhance the ambiance of your game or project, with unique and unforgettable melodies that will transport your audience to a world of adventure and excitement.

With its versatile range of tracks, this pack is perfect for adding depth and emotion to your game's dialogue, as well as creating an immersive soundscape for exploration and discovery. 
So why settle for ordinary soundtracks when you can elevate your project with the majestic and awe-inspiring Asian music pack?


This Game Music Pack is a collection of royalty-free or licensed music tracks specifically designed for use in video games, videos about games (like walkthroughs or reviews), and even game development projects.


Here's a breakdown:


  • Royalty-free or Licensed:
    • Royalty-free means you pay a one-time fee and can use the music however you want in your project, forever,
  • Designed for Games/Videos/Streams:
    • These tracks are created to fit the mood and style of video games, videos, documentations or as background music
  • For Multiple Uses:
    • Game Music Packs can be used not just in the game itself, but also in trailers, promotional videos, and even gameplay streams (depending on the license).
    • developers can use these packs for creating the background music in their game development process.

This music pack is a way for creators to get high-quality music for their  projects.

Ghost of Asia Music Pack License

159,00 €Price
    • The Great Wall
    • The Forbidden City
    • Moonlight Shrine
    • Bamboo Grove
    • Monks Prayer
    • Princess of the Moon
    • The Last Empress
    • Tomb of the Emperor
    • Halla Mountain
    • Castle of the Sun
    • Dragon Sword
    • House of the Moon
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